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Raising funds for supplies


I would like to give you an update on the impressive fund raising that was generated by the Old Boys Amersham football match and the £868 that was donated to the cause of helping fleeing Ukraine refugees on the Polish / Ukraine border. The monies raised has made a considerable difference to the refugee’s life and has helped reduce the physical and mental stress that the invasion has created.

The £868 converted into 4639 Polish Zloty (PLN) and monies raised by other fund raising gave a total 12000 PLN (approximately £1500).

This round of help was organised by four Polish friends and colleagues all from the Warsaw area. They organised a convey of their 4 cars (all fuel was paid by themselves) to drive the 4 hours to the Chelm border crossing on the Polish / Ukraine border. They, also, took several Ukrainian refugees that were housed in Warsaw with them to the border to allow them to continue their trip back to their homes in Western Ukraine as fighting in that region has / had reduced considerably.

Some highlights in terms of what goods were purchased:

 248 - tins of pate   
132 - tins of lard with meat   
150 - tins of tinned ham   
100 - tins of canned steak meat
 120 - tins of Heinz beans    
96 - tins of spam   
108 - tins of paprykarz szczeciƄski - a Polish speciality in terms of canned salmon with vegetables and rice

 66 - tins of ready meals - minced meat with cabbage 
72 - tins of grochówka zolnierska - pea soup with meat and vegetables
60 - tins of herring in tomato sauce
 58 - tins of grilled mackerel
30 - tins of baked beans with meat
 36 kg of Cereals
154 Knorr instant noodle soups
 3 x 2.5kg tins of Heinz baked beans

 Sweets for the children

You can see attached photographs that the foodstuffs that had to be loaded onto 3 pallets and all goods were transported in their weighted down cars to the Refugee Centre near the Chelm border.



Once they left the Refugee Centre they went to the Polish / Ukraine border crossing to find refugees that were desperately trying to leave Ukraine. One of the party transported two mothers with four children, another an elderly couple and 2 young woman all of them from the Kiev district. All wanted to be transported to Warsaw, as it is major communication centre, which would then allow them to go family and friends in Germany / UK or Poland. All

were transported back to Warsaw and additional monies on top of the monies raised were given to the refugees by my friends to help them purchase tickets to their intended destination.

Thank you again for your help and support for the Ukraine refugees as it has made a huge difference to their lives.

Paul Richardson  Deputy Church Warden  Ukraine Refugee Co-ordinator

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